Shahin Co. Ltd operates in the Albanian market with an experience of 20 years as official distributor of renowned international brands such as: Sommer; FIME; agb; Cisa; STV-TAGLIAPIETRA; Welke; SECUREMME; Mottura; Azzi; Meucon; Combi ARIALDO; dierre; Tellurium wheels; Aignep; Mapei; Apolomea; izar; Penellifice 2000 etc.

Shahin Co. Ltd has placed great value on the quality of products it sells. For this reason, the company not only sells only imported materials, but brings to the Albanian market exclusively-made products from major international companies. Since 1995, the company has been one of the first distributors of steel products ferramenta in Albania.

Quality products, advanced technology, maximum attention to the environmental impact, make Shahini Ltd a modern company which is side by side with the customer. Arrival of important appointments and quality certifications demonstrate the company’s commitment throughout these years. Studies conducted at leading companies in the production processes, with the aim to improve environmental impact are the pride that Shahin Co. Ltd brings to the local market

Shahin Co. Ltd operates in the Albanian market since 1995 in the professional sector hardware. The company owns a warehouse with an area of 2000 m2. At your disposal there is an exhibition with a wide range of equipment for: home, interior design, bathroom, electronics, incasso of the most popular brands in the market, a wide range of window handles and furniture. Ferramenta Shahini is the story of a interprenourship concept that has been able to transform its potential origin of the skilled workmanship in a modern reality, where technology and the utmost attention to products have successfully established an industrial empire. Shahin Co. Ltd comes in the Albanian market as the official distibutor of well known international brands, bringing businesses in Albania, the best quality products. The company offers all its trading partners a complete range of components for any solution, all accompanied by guaranteeing all the information is accurate, reliable and professional even for more specific requirements.

Shahin Co. Ltd brings hardware technologically innovative, combining security and design in a wide range of equipment suitable for any style. This is the objective pursued since the creation of the company. Shahini Ferramenta submits its dealers only innovative products in terms of industrial processes. Shahin Co. Ltd has always invested considerable resources in the import of qualitative goods, and this has enabled us to qualify as a technologically advanced company in this field.

Any business can by the following materials, certified according to all standards of the European Union:

  • Door Locks
  • Hinges for doors and windows
  • Accessories for furniture
  • Different Screws
  • Professional Tools
  • adhesives, varnishes, abrasive
  • Safes for home
  • Wheels and carrels
  • Different articles
  • Accessories for wood

Dierre, Stv Tagliapietra Serrature, Securemme Snc, Fimet Maniglie, Ilpa Adesivi, Combi Arialdo Snc, Orbita Trading Sealant, Minutex Tellure Rota, Cisa, Apolo Mea, Di Martino Spa, Tre Emme, Gierre Scale, Viscoret Reti, Prometal, Aignep, Ecef, Prima Srl K2, Ivars Srl, Fantozzi Scale, Mottura, Inoxmare, Friulsider, Izar, Meuco, Eco Service, Fidea, Didieffe, Welka Serrature Spa, Brialma, Mapei Spa, Vola Snc, Off.Mechaniche Ani Spa, Carcano Stamperia, Errebi Spa, Marvon, Akkim Kristal, Omad, Norton – Saint Gobain, Elektroda Zagreb D.D, Azzi Fausto, Pettiti Giuseppe Snc, Utemec, Comaglio Srl, Deriblok , Alban Giacomo AGB , Frosio Bortolo, Class by Frosio Bortolo, Cartoflex , Aref Cattena, Pennellificio 2000, Hoppe Maniglie, Otlav , Unior D.o.o, 3M Srl , Castaldo Corderia , Wally , Slf Abrasivi


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